At Lakefront Power Washing, we offer both power washing services as well as soft washing options when necessary. Soft washing and power washing are two popular methods for cleaning surfaces, but they offer distinct advantages depending on the situation.

Soft Washing:

  • Gentler Approach: Soft washing uses low-pressure water, typically around 100 psi, which is safer for delicate surfaces like shingles, siding, and painted surfaces.
  • Chemical Cleaning: It involves the use of specialized cleaning solutions that can effectively remove mold, mildew, algae, and other stains, reducing the need for high-pressure water.
  • Long-lasting Results: Soft washing not only cleans the surface but also treats it to prevent the growth of future contaminants, providing longer-lasting results.
  • Environmentally Friendly: This method is eco-friendly as it uses fewer resources and chemicals compared to power washing.

Power Washing:

  • High-pressure Cleaning: Power washing uses pressurized water at much higher pressures, typically around 3,000 psi, making it ideal for tough, stubborn stains and surfaces like concrete, driveways, and fences.
  • Quick and Efficient: It can quickly remove dirt, grime, and even chewing gum from surfaces, making it a time-efficient choice for larger areas.
  • Preparation for Painting: Power washing is often used to prep surfaces for painting or staining, as it can remove loose paint, debris, and other contaminants effectively.
  • Deep Cleaning: It provides a deep cleaning effect, making it suitable for surfaces that have not been cleaned for an extended period.

Soft Washing for Homes and Businesses in Western NY and Southwest FL

The choice between soft washing and power washing depends on the specific cleaning needs and the type of surface being treated. Soft washing is ideal for delicate surfaces and provides longer-lasting results with environmentally friendly methods, while power washing is more suitable for tough stains and larger areas where a quick and deep cleaning is required.

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